Nothing You Could Do

“Sickening static surrounds my mind

My head is a circus

All the smudges on the mirror

made me go insane

Empty thoughts start to cloud my mind

My walls are shattered glass

I’m not the face with secrets unless

you’re scared to read my mind.”

From all this turmoil

he closed in for a kill

Tonight is a carnival of rust

She runs forever after shadows turn into light

only hoping the stars would fade away

“Close your eyes and clear your thoughts

He still remains”

Behold the terrors

of her nightmares

“He lurks beneath the shadows

and hides in the darkest if minds”

The scariest place she’s ever

been is reliving this night over and over again

as her head hits the pillow

Her chest cannot heave and she cannot breathe

The darkness is spinning

and she feels sick

And now as she wakes she sits with her

hands over her hands over

her head panicking

Feet never touching the ground

She only wished it was just a dream

Feel the walls of her heart collapse

He pulls her down to the place

where the silence goes

He stared at her with the hollowest of eyes

and whispered her name as

the flowers died

Her body’s pale

and her face is violently bare

“As I was, you are,

As I am, you will be.

This is my epilogue.”


This poem is about: 
Our world


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