Nothing Rhymes with Courage

Has anyone ever looked in the mirror and said:

            “I feel courageous today”

Chances are you haven’t, but that’s totally okay

Now is when I challenge you to do just that

And I understand how hard it can be, that is a fact


Things are courageous because there is some sort of fear

The scary parts of courage are the things we don’t hear

Where there is courage there is vulnerability and risk

Rejection, abandonment, the kinds of feelings we won’t miss

Perhaps the hardest part of courage is that nothing rhymes with it

But that’s because there’s nothing quite like it


There’s nothing quite like knowing that

You are here to be something

You are alive to change something and

You have the courage to create something


Every idol you have ever had has been just like you and me

What made them courageous is what they can see

They find the good in the bad, the love in the hate

And they use it to push against the walls in their mind to make space to create


What makes them courageous is using their voice

You can, too, you just have to make that choice

You have to truly believe that you are valuable, that you mean something to this world

And you have the power

You have the power to reinvent this world


The only thing between you and your dreams is yourself

Sure, there’s going to be hard times but that we can’t help

The one thing I know about courage is it’s actually really simple; all you have to do is try

But if you wait until you’re ready, you’ll be waiting the rest of your life

Start by looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself how courageous you are

Because you will believe it and you will go farther than the stars


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