nothing gold can stay

"Nature's first green is gold"

because the best part of a relationship

is the very beginning

the honeymoon phase, as they call it

before any problems arise


"Her hardest hue to hold"

because the honeymoon phase won't last

two girls, as happy as can be


knowing it won't last as long as we'd like but

choosing to savor every moment

enjoying it while it lasts and

pushing out parental problems to

the backs of our minds


"Her early leaf's a flower"

because we let our relationship blossom

never being super affectionate, of course

since we never got any time alone and

we were too shy to even hold hands in public

(most of the time, anyways)

knowing how the world shuns our kind


"But only so an hour"

because after a while

that blossom stops blooming

ours did after a few weeks

even so those were

some of the best hours of my life


"Then leaf subsides to leaf"

because the gold turned to green

your problems got worse with your family

but i didn't know about them yet, of course

all i knew is that you'd been acting weird lately

and you hadn't been talking to me much

the honeymoon phase is over now


"So Eden sank to grief"

because i didn't want to be pushy and

try to make you talk to me

so i just didn't follow you anymore

when you went off to talk to her

as i wondered how i managed to

screw it all up


"So dawn goes down to day"

because i realized what was happening

it was more than your parents just

treating you differently

and not trusting you anymore

(you still don't have your phone back, do you?)

and they didn't trust or like me either

i can understand why you didn't want to tell me, though

you just didn't want to hurt me


"Nothing gold can stay"

because as soon as i have a smile on my face

and as soon as you have someone to snuggle with when you're cold

as soon as we have a reason to get out of bed on a monday morning

and as soon as there's a new light in my eyes

and a new skip in your step

as soon as i feel that maybe i can be loved after all

it's gone

...and i didn't even get to kiss you goodbye...


(obviously Robert Frost gets the credit for the original poem)

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