I always knew looking back at the tears would make me laugh,

but I never knew looking back at the laughs would make me cry, 

funny how the same things that make you laugh can also make you cry,

and if weeping endures for a night and joy come in the morning then I'll wait patiently,

hoping and trusting in Gods word,

all things work according to his plans for us,

and all of my good outweigh my bad, 

but when I look back at the laughs,

and I begin to cry,

in the mist of the tear I'm forced to question why?

why do good things come to an end?


life brings us tears, smiles and memories,

the tears dry,

the smiles fade,

but the memories last forever,

nothing really last forever,

but love,

it's the greatest,

and love endures forever


since nothing last forever,

can you be my nothing?




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