Not Your kind of Queen

Who raises kids to think like this

Always questioning if love is real

21 years old and I still cant deal

Dealing with questions like is it true

That relationships are just for love and sex

That true love is manipulation and filled with regret

That when someone is hurt by love its better to project then to deal with it

How can you raise your daughter to be treated like queen

But treat your little princess's mom like shes something less

Have your daughter meet a new woman every week

Where your house becomes a revolving door of women that you so call love

But if they have flaws you can't deal with or show you who you really are you break down

While your daugter has bonded with them and now when they leave a little piece of her trust is taken too

And a huge piece of disgust has taken the place of that trust

I now see you as a user and not a father

Someone who projects negativity that i dont need

Who tried to change my views and make them as dark as yours

To me you are not a father no more you have been replaced

Replaced by trust issues and lots of mistakes

But i will not project like you

I will find my happiness and grow

And become the queen that you wanted me to be

But not with the values you tried to instill in me





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