Not Your Daughter

Dear Mom and Dad,


I am your son

Maybe not physically, but mentally

Your love is twisted

Your ideas of me are but dreams

I will never be the daughter you want


You try to control me, to force your ideals

My life is not yours, so get your hands off of it

I stay up and wonder if your love will remain

I know that it's stupid but I'll ask just the same

Will you still want me when I'm not what you had?


I scarred my own skin, not from stress but from fear

From hatred of myself, for all that I am 

I spared you your feelings at the time

But the acting is over

I am older now

And with it, am bolder


I am not who you knew

I am so different now

I am sarcastic and witty and silly somehow

Through the anxiety, the depression, and the trust issues

Comes a son with a dire need to improve


I still love you through everything

No matter the time

You're my parents, you raised me

You gave me my life

The life that is mine


Your Boy, 


This poem is about: 
My family


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