Not Your Average Teenage Girl...


I walk the crowd yet I am not noticed because I'm not creating a scene

I yell my name but no one hears it because I'm not begging for you to take me back

I create a landmark but im not recognized beacuse i'm not showing my tits to 

seek attention

I amy not be your average teenage girl

I may be different or maybe im the normal one

I don't cry beacuse you left i cry beacsue i am stressed

I don't whine because he broke my heart 

I don't smoke or drink 

I paint and eat

I may not be your average teenage girl but I know that I don't have to be just to be noticed

I'm myself and unlike the rest I won't have a worry in the world because I dont need a man to

feel worthy I dont need a man to feel secure and loved because it's high school 

I may not be noticed but

I am....


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