Not You

Who am I

Who are you 

You are a dictator

A violator

You flip your script 

Your face is day and night

I live in a cript

scared in fright

You hate me yet

You say you love me

Then call me an abombination

Of what used to be a great nation

Yet I still stand here

One of Gods many Creations

You left me




Left to pick up the pieces

In a crissis

Im France and you're ISIS

You threw me away like garbage

But I am lifted

and am riding home in a carriage

I am stronger

A fighter

with a great desire

I will win 

You will fall

Who am I

The real question is

Who are you

Cause I am me


and not you


This poem is about: 
My family
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This is my first time really writing a poem. I haven't written much



Though its your first time you've written it so well. I can give you that credit i loved it keep on writing and btw I loved the endings so much.


Thank you so much


What an AWESOME piece!

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