Not for what i have here(sexual part of body)

not for what I have here means desire,
you realize that it was independent that you would not know a part of my body because for you is only desire,
for me it's only from heart
but I I do not believe superior,
it's just not for what I have between my legs
means love if you're not with me
I feel tormented suffering and lose my mind.

if you don't really want as you said, sex,
let me prove not only that is everything in life
and I did but you were indifferent
and and my own feeling came to an end
when I met you understood more than the material
and physical is not the most important thing and went my inspiration,no for what i have here
and i feel any desire
I will not give my body with my soul because they will not seek you,don't need you.

You change the thought
when I told you i will not give you the material
that is part of me but welcome to the material life
if you want enjoy the physical if you want
but not from me and anyone else with the heart
with a beautiful being within himself.
who do not know about love is you
and you are so lost than your arrogance weighs
my soul and I do do not like it light and easy like you do,the skin you crave so much,
and when you want the physical
you take the best of everyone.

The perfect day is fatal to look into a side of you
but never saw something somewhere
as cold as you are and feel.
someone might be a dreamer for you
but you don't deserve it,does not give you even
shame of what is true that you should,
but if I or someone else would die for you wanting something beautiful for you,
you would not say to anyone the face you pretend
every time you try to pronounce i love you
and your lips don't pronounce anything your words,
do not take or they would take the best of someone
just go from somewhere and here,
and don't use defensive words the ones with you will never say in reality,
so you do not delete the inside story of each well
So not for what i have below and on my legs it means love,but for you is and if anyone die for you
never say as you did when I died for you in my life,
when you only wanted something that was between my legs.
-Jonatan Vega


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