Not Suited for the Admissions Office

I'm not pregnant

I don't smoke

I couldn't recognize the smell of weed even if I tried

My shorts adaquately cover my ass

But what's so surprising

Is that everything I've succeed at not being

Has made me a very boring person

Ironic, right.

I don't want a bun in the oven, per se

Or a set of lungs fit for the top of the transplant list

But I want to have a story to tell

They say when you apply to college that suddenly you realize all the great things you've done


You realize all the crap that's taken up your time

I'm young

Why is the goal to be out of school in four years and suddenly playing house

What a load of shit.

I want to live. Experience worlds beyond Target and Panera Bread Mac 'n' Cheese

Give me London, Quebec, Ireland, Chile, Australia

Bye, Love Field

Hello, Bulolo Airport.

I am here. 

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My community



I really like this :) I can relate

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