Not So Sugar Coated Guide To High School

Thu, 06/27/2019 - 14:37 -- Jayspie

Let me tell you somin

about growing up

it’s a crazy train

a busy lane

where everyone speeds 


Welcome to high school

I’m your guide

to help you along this 

crazy ride


How are you

I don’t care

here’s a tip

and don’t be scared

between you and me 

No one cares about you

No one cares who you want to be 

everyone is a narcissist

just look at the evil queen

your opinion is invalid

to everyone you are wrong

so sit down 

and be SILENT! 


Happy Birthday!!!

don’t even think

you are king


While you walk

you’ll notice many things


everyone claims to be different 

but not really in a way 


each person you meet is a 

different form of Medusa



Now let’s 

turn back time 

you’ll see

when you were little 

making friends was so easy 

but now you’re in high school  

where you are so “busy”

when dealing with friends 

it’s kind of tricky 

Be careful what you do 

Be careful what you say

That’s going to bite you along the way


Let me tell you a story

on that note

about my friend Trevor 


love doesn’t get better 


But with every negative

there’s a 


over the years

you’ll learn two things 

to help you along the journey 

the meaning of life


who you are 

two things that aren’t

that far

figure out one 

figure out both 

and that’s not a joke


No matter what happens



stay yourself

and explore if you want 

don’t let people tell you 

who you can’t be 

don’t let people tell you 

who they want you to be 

No one is you 

you are you 

I'm not saying 

to have a trust issue


With this poem, you may

have some questions

to those questions 

you may answers 

which causes more questions 

I’ll leave you with three things

to help you out 

one about people 

one about self

one about world



No One Cares

but life isn’t fair



normal isn’t normal 

and that’s a nice arrange


Life is A Game 

whatever you do impacts

our world in a way 

so make it count  


Don’t be afraid 

just take a deep breath 

and drink some water 

it’s going to be crazy 

just buckle up and sit 

and enjoy the ride



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