Not so Malificent

Screams of terror and shots of death fill the dark and gloomy town. A terrible city where the desire of money, loyalty , and power are up and respect and peace are down. Where young little brown boys are turned into streets soliders by night and little girls are filled up with mens lust of pure false delight . Born into a ravenous city called malicious is a girl with a name of hate. Straight out of her mothers womb , she enters into an unfairly world where she will suffer a chained and darkened fate. Malificent, a name that strikes outsiders ear and just like the strike of a clock , it fills up their hearts with insanely fear. When she walks down the streets, faces made of cold solid snow , quickly grows crooked lines that so frankly show. Her crown of hair widens your eyes and fills with disgust and dispise.Her blackened skin is beautiful in everyway but to others its nothing but dismay. Her long robes of black roots represents the city where she was born but when she steps into the outside world it carries a new description of shame and scorn. Why do others look upon her with so much fright? She's just a girl who's ready to step out of the dark and into the light. A lady of unique grace. But prejudice minds drag her down like gravity into a grave labled " unwanted space ." What is so pensive about this angel of dark skin. Why can't others see the innocence that lies within. A girl born with an accursed name. Wants to fight off the parasitic shame. Even though others take one look upon her frame and judge her because of her name , Malificent rises up when the ignorance of others plan to destroy her spectacular game. Her tears turn into sweat as she works to become the best woman yet. Malificent spits out the hateful words that worked their way into her tongue. She's reborn and plans to stand tall as a dark beautiful woman even though young. So I Malificent , learned to love myself. I learned to love my name. A name that doesn't define me but describes me. I love my thick wooden hair to my brown striking and ethereal stare. I am beautiful in the eyes of me. Thers nothing wrong with the strong dark lady that I will always be. Evil is not a word that will be branded on my head. But a word that lives in others when their shielded eyes can't see the beauty that lies ahead. Yes I am different . Some would say unique. I have powers inside my beaten but unbowed body. Powers that scare the unknowingly but to the conscious bean, when looked closer will see that my powers are spirits of happiness that want to enter into the lives of those hurt. Even to those that are broken and need emmotional support. I am Malificent. The woman with skin of black. Made with a heart of peace and chooses not to attack. I am the woman who wears a long dark robe. A piece of my roots in every stitch from all over the globe. A woman with nails so long that will smite others when doing wrong. A tall woman that looks down on oppressors but can be powerful like dangerous weather. Malificent doesn't mean causing harm or evil in my heart or in my spirit. But a word that means out of the darkness. A word that describes a creature committed to causing peace when others are filled with evil intentions. My mother wasn't wrong to give me a name that means evil. She gave me this name to show others that a person can be somebody and do whats right when faced with the evil mindness of others. I am not a monster born under the womb of the ghetto but a hero born from a place that needed a hero. So here I am. A creature, a woman, but most of all a hero born from the rags of the world but is proud to be one and not afraid to stand up against those that shame one. My name is Malificent and there is nothing malificent about me.

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