Not So Equal


United States
40° 44' 35.1168" N, 73° 42' 34.3332" W

To our face they say
It’s all the same, we’re equal
Same rights, same say, same pay.
But behind out backs, it’s a different story.
In 1963, we established Fair Pay
Yet in two thousand and seven,
We are still 78 cents to a man’s dollar.
Dukes vs. Wal-mart, Lilly Ledbetter,
No that’s all pushed under the rug.
We are far more concerned
With our President’s birth certificate
And celebrating, exploiting deaths,
Something new for a country
Supposed to be so great, so humane.
Women can’t even make decisions for themselves,
No, the government knows what’s best for us.
We’re not allowed to control our body,
No, because it is the women caring the babies.
For if it were men, I assure you it would be different.
First veils, then foot binding and corsets,
Now they found another way
To inhibit us, to demean us.
They say there are so many restrictions
To ensure we’re not bullied into it.
Oh sure South Dakota, Governor Daugaard,
That’s why you’re plan is to bully us out of it.
Mandatory counsel with uncertified religious nuts,
Spouting the scripture, bombarding us
With false information and gruesome images.
Oh yes, what a wonderful country we live in,
Where women have no control over their own body,
The wonderful land of the free.


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