To The "Not So Cool" Kids.

Shout out to the cool kids who call the shots, as if  they are gods and better than the ones who are not, You make it so hard for the "lames" to live because you don't see us as good enough to hang, but we're good enough to cheat off of, right?? How dare you make us feel like shit,because we don't get lost in society's trends and  other bull shit, We're just living day by day trying get a few blessings, but bad vibes come from you so  you teach  us a lesson. Shout out to the fat girl, with the rolls she hates,the one that they make fun of,the one they'll never date, I bet if you were skinny you'd get so much praise,worshipping the ground you walk on, and making a scene. Big ups to the weirdo, who never fits in, who'd rather stand alone, then try to get in, they mess over you every time, taking away your true shine. Shout out to the girl who wears the creepers, that they laugh at faithfully, because they can't stand her sneakers. Last but not least , salute the gay dude who's very open about it,but doesn't have a bitchy attitude, if it's not about "the mess",then you don't fit in, you're just a fag to society and a trending hash tag, It's crazy how the "cool kids" and the "lames" are in two different categories, but who's to blame??  Who's fault is it?? Because it's not ours,instead of trending we reach for the stars. ~ Not a cool kid.

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