not a smartphone


Sit down, shut up


Sitting down, shutting up


Class has begun


Lecture, lecteur

Droning on, droning on

Notes, notes


Ring -

Goodness Gracious

They're so boring I think you were snoring


They make no sense

Talking as if the room were empty

Talking in jargon of unknown territory

Their lessons are obsolescent

And memorizing is really quite irrelevant We have the Internet!


Don't they get it!?

Why all these implementations of mathematics?

Let me introduce them to software systematics


At least teach us the basics

-personal finance and insurance

-dining etiquette and local government

-and maybe how not to get scammed by an auto mechanic


Teach us - preferably

-application, analysis, and execution

-how to turn misfortune into benediction

-and what happened to following ones destiny?


Please don't bore me

Don't talk at me


Involve me

Engage me

Inspire me



Not a smartphone

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