.Not Shine But Glow.


 .Not Shine But Glow.
Folks be throwin' shade but I'm still glowin'
I soar with the wind, && go with the flow, so it doesn't matter where I'm going.
I'm forever young, wild && want to be free...
From society's box is trying to cave in on me.
So much to be ashamed of.. Their propaganda running down on my mind
But it's all ignorance in my ear, the real me is what I'm trying to find
The shinning sun gets all the attention everyday && will make one's day.  Yeahh it's beautiful, but a little hurtful.
Me..id rather be like the moon, for it's glow is almighty && fruitful.
In other words I'm trying to say I don't want all the attention by shinning && being all flashy.
But I'd rather be on a lower but higher level, bathe in glow..subtle but classy.
I could be a modern day hipster, not mainstream, but a little hippie.
I'm multi-talented, skilled && gifted, but I only want to use those talents to be && make others feel lifted.
Not for the attention, acceptation, if only they can see it from my perception.
My mind is deep.. You could peep, but will you only fall lower than the last level of the sea. Maybe trying to find an answer, for why??, you won't make my reason's, assumption's, && thought's ends meet. My brain can't even contain my mind. Isn't that just neat??
It's a mess, that could maybe bless. I might just have the answers lost-seekers seek.
I feel && am always alone.. I can have the longest conversation with  myself on the phone
Words && thoughts, no one can completely understand.
With my heartbeat, body, soul && mind makes the perfect music
I'm a one man band.
I'll have to take my own hand to help me stand.
I'm not the same nor want to be same
I'd rather be shunned for different, for the same in so many ways.. Is lame.
Let my name be forever called with rhythm, beat, && with so much emotion && great remembrance behind it.
I want it to curve the mouth, && make a dull smile so lit.
I don't want to live, but be alive before I go.
I want Me, Myself, Nadia.. Not Shine, but Glow...


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