Not Right


the coach in my living room
United States

Everyone rap about how to not start a fight you can't finish

but what fight did i start ?

by looking at you unintended 

as of something privy

im done with the arguments over something im blank minded about

im not the type of person to shout out about

something so carelessly continuing to happen

its nomore crying at night , wondering what i did

niggas asking me why im so fucking sensitive

when i tranfered to a smaller private christian school

i learned to forgive my enemies despite what they've done to you

preacher once preached

if someone tells you they dont like you 

dont sit there and question them and ask why

just know they have something they need to deal with deep inside them

their inecurities

they need to work out

Two years later, those same group of girls see me again

they still the same nothing change

i really dont even never knew they name 

just fake beef started from the hate from which i may have intimidated them

some how

by them realizing i grew up and didn't let them affect me at all or my future

made them hate me even more 

and i told them

10 years from now you going to be working for me 

scrubbing floors , and maybe unemployed 

god dont like ugly

and miserble enjoys company


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