not a political statement

Sat, 08/13/2016 - 02:44 -- gaalexi

held at gunpoint,

trembling and shaking.

we must remember the fallen,

ripped away because of a simple request,

to love without judgement and love those who fit them best.

whether a man loves a man,

or a woman love a woman,

there is no excuse for 49 people fallen.

there is no cure but to look and learn that love is not a political statement and neither is the death of the endured.

before you wave your bible in their faces,

tell me what are you praying for?

Matthew 7:1-6 says "do not judge, or you will be judged. for in the same way you judged others, you will be judged."

pracice what you preach and love unconditionally.

their lives shall be remembered,

but shouldn't have to be.

people should love without fear of being next on the agenda.

six words have have had such meaning since the beginning of time,

"love is patient. love is kind."

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