Not a Poem

this is the day 

the one single day 

on its own its not much

but maybe thats the point

it doesn't have to be much

I mean we don't remember days

we remember moments

and not every moment either 

our brains are picky that way

how you remember every word you wrote on that essay two years ago 

but you forget what 40 times 9 is the day after you learned it

life isn't about days,weeks,months 

it is about every single moment, when you breath in, than out

cause you are still alive,

I swear it.

you don't have to cut yourself to feel

in fact you're probably feeling too much 

but thats okay, it will get better 

maybe not in the near future, no it could take months 

years even but it Will get better 

that I can promise you

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world



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So deep!!!!


Thank you so much

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