not a person.


Mom, Dad, I have a confession to make

I think

I think I am---No Dad, I'm not pregnant or gay

And Mom, no I'm not admitting that I broke Grandma's vase when I was four


Will y'all please stop freaking out

I have come to realize that I...

I think that I'm..


not a person.


No, please Mom, don't cry

And Dad, please stop yelling

It's not my fault even though I may have made some choices to affect it here and there


This is who I am now

I am not a person.


Dad, what do you mean "whyyy..?!?"

And Mom, I can't answer your hysteria of "hows"

If you guys do not listen to me


Just look at me

I'm different

I don't fit in with the other kids

They only care about

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, the Kardashians, drugs, sex, alcohol, memes, gossip, Miley Cyrus, American Horror Story, Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars, football, concerts, pizza, food, food, food, food, clubbing, Spongebob, and hashtags

And I've tried

And tried

And tried

To be like them

To laugh mindlessly at TV shows and to pretend to hate things like nature, politics, and culture

If that's what it means to be a person

In today's world


But I couldn't help but think

That there should be more options

And that I deserved to be happy

With who I am


So I'm confessing that I am

not a person.

But I am rather a kind, loving human being

Who just cares too damn much about the world

To let everyone else waste their potentials on smart phones and reality TV


I am a human being

Who loves people, 

Even the ones who will mistreat and judge me for my lifestyle,

SO much

That I will

Freely discuss current events,

Volunteer to help causes end famine, war, poverty, disease, injustice, and abuse

Speak to my government,

And Listen to and Understand others


This is who I am

And I am done letting everyone else prevent me

From being myself


I am not a person.

And I am not alone.

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