Not Our Facade


They think we will change if they wish hard enough.

"They're uncivilized" they exclaim, too busy straightening their cuff

Links to see that we're not the weak links

In the chain. You'd think that part's obvious really, quite plain.

Adults speak to us, lecture, we listen, we try,

But no matter, we still end up left high and dry

Shouting, screaming just one desperate cry-

"Talk to us."

Talk to us.

Honest to God it's not difficult to understand,

I mean, for goodness sake it's hardly a grand

Scandalous statement, written to shock;

You do know we were toddlers when we learnt to talk?

So next time, ignore the psychology columns,

The 'science' behind our attitude problems.

Instead, talk to teenagers. Actually ask our opinions

On life, the universe, war, politicians.

You might actually be surprised by what we have to say.

Scratch that, we will surprise. Just you wait.


Need to talk?

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