Not The Only Lonely

Not The Only Lonely


Shot him, shot her too, but who’s to shoot Cupid?

That Love-sick fool.


Susie’s got John, Larry’s got James.

But who’s Cupid to call, “The Bae?”


'Cause it’s Valentine’s Day,

When Corporations plot to take your money away.

Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day,

When roses are the brightest red and the single are spent.


Ben’s got Kelly, Jenna’s got Katie.

But where-oh-where is Cupid’s baby?

He works all day, smile in place.

All the while, he watches couples play.


‘Cause it’s Valentine’s day,

And the world is tinged in a hue of red

And it’s Valentine’s Day,

Cupid’s painted it with love in hand.


Arrow for her, arrow for him.

Cupid colors cheeks with a rosy shade.

Love for you, Love for me.

But Cupid burns red of fury, pain and shame.


‘Cause it’s Valentine’s Day,

And the angel of love shall cuddle no one.

Yes it’s Valentine’s Day.

Where for couples, it’s all fun,

But the single are feeling done.


None for he, Oh-so lonely.

Cupid has a legacy and a rep to keep.

Sad it is, sad he is.

So selfless with his arrows as he softly weeps,


But it’s Valentine’s Day.

So put on a fake smile and a brave face.

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day!

But for some, it’s just another day - another waste.


Erin has Mike, Harry has Lisa.

Yes, Cupid knows, he sees ya.

Lucy has Jim, Bobby has Lou.

But who’s to be Cupid’s? Who’s his “Boo?”


'Cause it’s Valentine’s Day, that beloved day!

When Cupid must slave as the lovers play.

Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day! And ain’t it grand?

Perhaps for Blossom, cause she’s got man.

And Jesse, well, his girl - she fronts a band!


But not for Cupid….

He thinks it’s really stupid.

Today’s so useless.

But who’s gonna do it?

Of course! You knew it!

That love-sick fool.

It has to be Cupid.


T. Talbott

This was a mess haha, I wrote this right after I was realeased from the hospital.


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