Not Normal

As soon as you are diagnosed with something,

Anxiety, depression, you name it.

You have to endure weeks, months, even years of therapy.

Maybe they’ll prescribe you medication.

Who knows?

All you know is

You’re. Not. Normal. 

And you can’t help but envy people who can wake up everyday and just be normal. 

They’re so lucky, because they don’t have to go through what you do. 

They’re allowed to break down without the fear of needing more attention, losing trust of others, or even being sent to a mental institution.

They’re allowed to be sad, or angry or confused.

But if you do it, you’re “having another episode.” 

You’re not stable anymore. 

More therapy. 


Get the help you need, because you are not normal. 

“Good morning, hun.” Your mother calls from the doorway.

She used to sit by you when she woke you up.

Not anymore.

She is scared of you. 

Everyone is.

Because you’re different.

“Messy” even.

People hate messy.

You stand in front of the mirror everyday and tell yourself

You’re not normal.

So stop pretending like you ever will be.

You are broken.

And that therapy that you do is like trying to fix a bridge with elmers glue.

It won’t stick to me and it doesn’t help you.

No matter how much glue you use that bridge will still fall down

Because it’s broken

You’re broken.

Not normal. 

you still wear that pathetic frown.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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