Not My Year

Mon, 01/09/2017 - 00:30 -- aloomis

No, 2016 was not my year.

I tried so hard to keep your near.

Months briming with sadness and loss,

left me reeling at the cost.

I swore you were the one,

turns out you were just in it for the fun.

The roses you gave me withered away on a shelf,

and were an accurate depiction of my health.

You filled my head full of lies,

just like the tears that filled my eyes

Stealing my heart will always be your grandest theft.

Yes, you killed me when you left.

2016 was not my year,

but 2017 will have fewer tears.

Because from now on I'm calling the plays,

even though you broke me in a million ways.

Perhaps, I should thank you for what you did to me.

It showed me how much stronger I can really be.

I beat back the depths of depression and despair,

and no longer will you hurt me with your icy stare

The hell you put me through shaped me into who I am now,

and never again to emotional abuse will I bow.

By: Alycia Loomis


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