Not My RoseBush


I was on a stroll, when I took a glimpse

Of a garden in a man’s home.

Petals, leaves, vines were behind the fences

Fragrances, shaped, colors invaded my senses,


Yet a rose bush was all I could see

 In the midst of the flowery sea,

My heart was struck in awe

By every petal of those roses I saw,


Its sweet scent brought me ever so closer

I had had become spellbound to that roser,

I was called, and I obeyed

So she was my master, in a way,


But I didn’t seem to care

I thought I was made for her,


Until we embraced


It broke me to touch you, and

Hurt, to be with you. Thorns strangled

My soul, and stung like fire


How do I not suffice?

You are a goddess, yet all I can be,

 Is another leaf in the breeze.

Winds blow, yet you don’t even move


A thundering shock comes to mind

 The garden is not mine,

You belong to another gardener

He’s your caretaker, your lover,


Then rain falls, it makes you glad

Yet all I can be is sad,


Because this rose bush is not mine.




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