Not My President

Not My President by Bianca Gonzalez

1 Dear Mr President

2 Don’t be startled by my last name, I’m a legal resident

3 It’s 2017 but in many ways it feels like 1967

4 A nation divided, parties undecided,

5 families are frightened and women feel violated


6 Dear Commander in Chief,

7 You treat women like they’re no more than a slice of meat

8 Speaking about Muslim Bans and building walls-

9 That’s NOT equality

10 You can’t relate, or debate,

11You manipulate and make jokes about rape.


12 Daddy gave you a million dollars to start your business

13You’re a successful man and brag about your riches

14But yet your tax information must bear no witness

15You don’t care about the people, los ninos

16You’re just worried about your gringos, not us latinos

17 You’re all about you, not this USA

18You swear you’re not racist

19 But you’re still filled with hate


20 Dear Mr. Trump

21 I woke up the other morning to a mosque in Texas being burned to the ground

22 Are you proud of you now?

23 Be careful citizens, he’s dividing the nation!

24 “Your scarf offends me, let’s put you in a campground”

25 Yet I’ve found, he’s convincing our own people, all criminals are brown

26 The streets flooding with hate and greed

27 I’m unsure whether to stay or leave


28 Because this is my home

29 It doesn’t have gold trimming, or white cylinder posts

30 I didn't grow up swimming in wealth

31 I grew up living poor

32 While we lacked in fortune, we made up in character

33 To be honest it’s these kind of people that make up America!


34 If it’s wasn’t your idea, get rid with it

35  Honestly you’re crazier than that dude from split

36 I doubt you’ll ever admit

37 This was just a gimmick

38 You were never fit, to be my President!


39 Every time I flip past the news channel they mention “President Donald Trump”

40 It freaks me for a second

41 I swear that’s got to be wrong

42 Make A Change, Si Se Puede

43  Yo Come back Mr. Obama

44 If you let this dude stay, what’ll happened to Ohana?


45 Dear Mr. Dictator

46 If it were up to you I know you’d create a new genocide;

47 you mass exterminator

48 But don’t think you’ll ever win my friend

49 Because there’s one of you in the end.

50 This country is filled with activists, lovers and demonstrators

51 Legislators and investigators and plenty other regulators


52 But until I see peace in the middle east

53 And not your “Banned” signs in our streets

54 We will not stand at ease

55 Until this nation is free

56 From your deceit, your greed and everything else inbetween

57 Until the history books will say impeached

58 I will speak my speech

59 You are not my president

60 You’ll never be to me


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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