Not Meant To Be.


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Not Meant To Be


They dated for a few weeks or so,

Claimed it was a love we’d all never know.


They whispered sweet nothings every day,

And as it turned out, nothing was the perfect phrase.


They said things like, “I love you, babe,”

But none of it meant a single thing.


They had a few fights,

Argued until both sets of eyes cried.


They spent more time stressed and sad,

Than giddy and glad.


They wanted it to work so very much so,

But life has its ways of crushing one’s hope.


They gave it all up when things got too rough,

And as it turned out it wasn’t true love.


They still remain friends,

But that’s not what either had planned.


They thought their love was special,

But it was just shy of detrimental.


They were simply not meant to be,

And this they could finally see.



Dale Lewis

I really enjoyed this poem it shows the side of love people only feel and not talk about great work!

T. Talbott

Thank you so much!

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