Not Long Ago

Not long ago

That lilly-white girl knew no harm

She ran and sang with such jubilation

She smiled a smile so bright the sun could not compare

She acted without a care in the world

To her, nothing could hold her back

Not long ago, that was me


Not long ago

That girl I knew myself to be grew up

But not with that smile so bright

But she grew in complete desolation

She had her hardships

That innocent girl had been forced to lose herself

By a man who did not know her worth

She let go of who she was

She lost herself in the pain and suffering

She only wanted for it to end

Not long ago that girl faded away

Into a dark and lonely place


Not long ago that girl awoke

She saw the light begin to shine

As she opened her eyes to who she is

She began to see again

Her smile is beautiful

More beautiful than a garden of roses

She began to see the love of God more clearly

And that he accepts her and her flaws

She saw that all her hardships

Only made her stronger

Not long ago

I found who I am


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Skornia Alison

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