Not a Hollywood Love

It's on the news, all of the time

That death shall come and seek

Where death shall find


But I am not afriad

My weary mind

Shall rest my heart and head tonight


When we sing

And when you smile

When we speak late at night


Then you disappear into the morning

To go and learn

To go and fight


And I am stuck here

Without a mind

With all of my life withering


When shall I see you again?

The world, it separates

My heart breaks


Is it such an honor to die?

To bring the lonely tears

To my eyes?


When, lo, I am left behind?

When, no

I will not live the lie


Forever you will be near

But far and falling

When I bring you here


And bloodsoaked battles

Stain your deadly



But hold me tight

With those same arms

For you are mine


My Prince of War

My Holy Knight

I suffer for the tonight


Knowing all good things

Do not last

And you will live forever


To fall in love with the beast

But the Beauty is a

Beast herself


And as I reach for

The top shelf

The volumes fall onto me


Do you not know?

For your own safety

Shall I go


But no, but no!

For this reason, shall you stay?

I need this crooked way


Because I am so lopsided

I need the balance

Of such a man as you


And you are mine

And you are true

Worry not, my broken one


The love of angels

The love of Princess

Will save you


And you will save me

While I drown in a darkened sea

Of self-torture


Lift me toward the rising sun

Reddened by the hate 

Of the world


Spotted by sin

Blocked be the heavy clouds

But that doesn't matter


Raise me from darkness to darkness

I will not despair

For you are there


To live in a cruel world

And find the only decent left

Is just enough


I'm on the right side of the battlefield

To find you are capable

Of love


So love me

Oh, heartless murderer

You are not what you say


You will never hurt me

You love me

And away we go, away


Life is cruel

Love is kind

But soon, this love will die


Enjoy it while we can

For it is true

In a world where I should have known


We are the monsters they run from

But we are the renowned

The only helpers left


To give our lives to others

To help combat the rest

So The Kingdom is ours


And rule with me

We will show how strong

The broken are


Broken, our loyal subjects

Who will live for love

In desolation


We love

When love

Is gone


We hope

When hope

Is gone


This is the


Of the end


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