Not a child anymore

I’m not a child no more

Expanding out from my roots

viewing my horizons

But soon far away and the connection is vague


I’m not a child no more

When I awake in the morning

And there are no longer callings

to wake up

I do it all on my own now


I’m not a child no more

If what I say or do really does change the way people look, see or think of me


I’m not a child no more

When my childhood was over

Age of  7

I started losing faith in hope or heaven

But I held on still

Because I was a child

Thinking putting in enough effort in people would help my situation


But I was a child

No one takes you seriously

No more mommy

No more daddy

They’re gone, not by death

But their unsung songs

Not being the parents I knew they could be

Grandma and grandpa thankfully chose to raise me


I’m not a child ‘anymore’

I’ve learned to explore

The details of life in which I seek to be free


You’re not a child ‘anymore’

When everything is time controlled  

You realize that there is no time in the world

To waste on anger and madness

Time is all you have

You acknowledge what great things you really do have


Big or small

They all matter because the blinds you had when you were a child are gone


I’m not a child ‘anymore’

When I learned to appreciate far and wide

When I learned that I am in control of my relationships by the decisions I make

When I learned to admire being my own person, being different


When I learned to depend on me

Myself only


When I learned that everything has a time limit

Because time will go in a blink of an eye

Now blink


                     That’s how fast I wasn’t a child anymore.


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