Not Beyonce


Here I lay, for the third day

The clothes i'm wearing have yet to be washed

My hairs in a bun

My makeup flushed 

Having no desire to get up

Here I lay, day after day

Each morning I wake, and say to myself

"Maybe, i'll get ready today"

Each night I pray

Tomorrow will be the day

"I don't do it because i'm lazy"

The words I  try and believe

Because though that is partly correct 

My head knows why I am this way

If I ever had to answer

I would be a simple "Why try?"

Because no matter if im wearing a t-shirt and sweats

Or heels and a dress

I will never be noticed

Without fat on my chest

If I dont have the perfect body

Or the long flowing hair

The clothes I put on me 

Are to hide what society doesn't want me to share

"So why try?" I say

Why try when the boy won't notice?

Why try if people won't stare?

Why try, if I don't matter?

Trying is for people who things don't come easy to

Trying is for the ones who wake up early in the mornings

Trying is for the ones who straighten their hair and wear lipstick

The people who spend their holiday money on clothes and shoes

The idividuals who plan their outfits days before

So why try?


Here's a thought

They say looking nice can make one feel good

Even if it is not a sterotyical tumblr look

If one feels good in their skin

In the clothes their wearing 

How their make up is done

Their confidence boost goes up

Days where you think you're hot

Makes your personality hot

You'll be happier


And soon, find motivation to do so day after day

You may never be beyonce

But you will always be you

That's something that got me out of bed

Something that helped me start my day

So here i lay, not Beyonce

But me

The only person who I need to be good enough for is me

And I am


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