Not Because I Love You

Good morning beautiful,


How was your day?

Can we meet?

Did you eat?


I love you

It means I accept who you are

That I could never change you



Te amo

It means I know your dearest secrets

That I could never judge you


Je t’aime

It means I know it’s not going to be perfect

That I could never give up on you



It’s not because I love you I do all these things



It’s because I care about you

It’s because I respect your perfect imperfections

It’s because I trust that you won’t let me down

It’s because I support you in whatever it is

It’s because I accept that we’re not perfect, but we are for eachother


I love you….three words that don’t have to be said, but can still be expressed


Put your seatbelt on

Zip up your coat

Your shoe is untied


Goodnight beautiful

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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