Lily hears the cries of her team mates

as she rounds third base

The rush of adrenaline, sliding into home

winning the champion ship

A celebration is in order for the victory

and the upcoming finale of junior year


It will be missed


She spies her crush from across the room

Johnny, her middle school love,

signals her, a last dance under the moon.

 Cheeks rosy from a chill wind

as they seek a warmer, more private enviornment


It will be missed


What a strange sensation

that night changed her life

from softball practice

to breast feeding class


It will be missed


Lily hears the cries from her baby boy, Jacob

An innocent three month old

from an irreversible night of celebration


It will be missed


No texts or calls from a soul

Alone with an infant

As she appreciates the memories

The last photograph of the Softball Championships

The last dance she had

The last laugh with friends

The last kiss from her love


It will be missed





This is not a personal experience but I have seen this happen many times to friends that I have gone to school with and even have grown up with. Its a very heart breaking situation but it happens everyday. Although we teens are given counseling and so forth greater actions must be taken. Many lives are being taken due to the responsibility to take care of another. We must be proud of who we are and be strong for one another. We are the future.

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