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An ache in your chest

Dunno where we stand

Happy memories ablaze

Standing hand in hand

Where it all began

Nobody can say

The end was unexpected

A world fell apart

Heartstrings cut with cold blades

Tears stinging like darts

A typical day

It wasn't that easy

Letting you go

Was painful and terrifying and 

Was it ever so slow

To forget that smile

Your laugh

Your eyes

Your stupid adorable face

Kept me up at night

Sorrow streaming steady

Paired with small silent gasps

Of fresh air I couldn't breathe

Because you took it with you 

Not knowing, maybe

Not even caring, perhaps

But chaining my heart

In your fist's grasp

Tugging me with you

Like an invisible cord

Tying me to a chair

I can't close the door

Since you're standing

Right there

And not moving an inch


I'll remember

Because I just can't forget

The bond we once shared

And the times my heart leapt.

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