Thu, 11/14/2013 - 15:03 -- rewert


Ignorance was bliss     Back when our mothers picked our clothes         And we rarely brushed our hair              And we carried around cartoon pasted backpacks Not a care in the world    No knowledge         Never having to worry about rumors              Never having to worry about finding x         Unless it was a poorly drawn one    On a poorly drawn treasure map We never had to worry    About the pressures of society         "Here try this"              "It's harmless"         "You won't get caught"    "Quit being such a do good"We never had to worry    About the first sip         The first hit              The first kiss We only had to worry    About making sure Fuzzy got back to school in one piece         About making sure our mittens were on straight              About the warm cup of cocoa waiting for us                    After a long winter day We were all friends back then    Before fashion         Before x
              Before peer pressure                   Ignorance was bliss



Unfortunately the site doesn't want to lay out my poem in the proper format I had created.  I like the relatable topics that my poem reveals and the bittersweet tone it conveys.

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