north life

This for all them lil babies out the North you hear me?

Look, gang

This that d.o.l shit,fuck yo other gang bitch

Better keep your gun bitch, fuck where you from bitch

Play and you bump bitch, we on that dumb shit

And fuck all dat hoe shit this that retro mob shit

Hoes I don't play with, I hate all that fake shit

Stunting on my ex bitch, I know she can't stand it

Gun on my waist bitch, I be on that bang shit

Fuck up out my face bitch, I be on that gang shit

Get shot in your face huh, reaching for my chain huh

Made it out them chains huh, I'll never change huh

Still keep that same shit, catch me tryna drill some shit

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Still with my same clique, you know I won’t change bitch.....

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My community
Our world
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“The realest people don’t have a lot of friends.”

The power of a gun can kill

And the power of fire can burn

The power of wind can chill

And the power of the mind can learn

The power of anger can rage inside

Until it tears you apart

But the power of a smile,

Especially yours, can heal a frozen Heart


Your smile play a big part in why I want you

For your love, it ain't not tellin' what I won't do

Yeah, you bad, I guess that's why they hatin' on you

Why they mad? It's because they ain't got nothin' on you


you just came inside my life, don't make me put you in the past

People say she make you wonder, I try hard to make you laugh

Let's see how these bitches like you in a new Birkin bag

I could flew you on a jet with private thoughts to make it back

It's way too early, but they talkin', so I hit you with that sack

Jump out the back, I'm like, "Lay back," the way I pop out with that Mac

Remember when you was mine

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I'm thinkin' 'bout all the times I hit the blunt to get that shit from out my head, like, "yeah, 

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