In the North

The Sky tightly grips his transparent shield as it disintegrates.

Mother Earth is exposed to

heated rays

that penetrate and sear her soiled skin.


In the North,

Mother Earth sprouts tufts of green hair

when she is thirsty.


In the North,

Fish seek refuge in drinking glasses

when their stinking homes turn violent

and Rivers sicken

and stop running.


In the North,

Mother Earth’s impenetrable, icy Protector

is quickly retreating.

He fears migrating parasites

from the South,

tiny, proliferating,

spreading sickness.


From the South

advances a ruthless army

that builds castle out of bones

of their own kind

and plates them gold.

Minute, malicious creatures

stack sacred skulls to expand their kingdom.


In their society,

Martyrs with gifted eyes,

near-sighted to suffering,

make their fortune from a cruel



They morphed life's essence

into a clear poison

and disguised it as

a peace offering.


Mother Earth

bears witness.

Her Guardians writhe.

Their intestines knotting.

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My country
Our world
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