Normal Friday Morning


It was a normal Friday morning.

I said "I love you" as I watched them go to school like any other day before.

Didn't know that my hug was going to be the last one.

Didn't know that my kiss goodbye was going to be no more.


It was around 9:40 AM when I got the call.

That's when I rushed out the door.

Got to the scene as I saw everyone around me scared.

I would do anything to hold their hand,

But I know that nothing will ever be the same again.


It's not fair.

Why did they have to disappear in thin air?

No more birthdays, no more joy.

Not anything until I see my little boy.


Now I'll never see them grow.

They could have been anything, guess we will never know.

She could have had a sweet sixteen.

She could have been homecoming queen.

He could have be eighteen.

But now he's just unseen.


I know that they're in a better place.

But why were they so young when You took them away?

All I want is for You to take good care of them.

Because I know I will see them once again. 


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