Is it normal to have tons of friends who care about you
And still feel alone?
Is it normal to want people to do things to help you
Then get mad at them about it?
Is it normal to get compliments
And completly hate yourself ?
Is it normal to live the dream of finally having a familey
And feel like your in a nightmare?
If all of this is normal
Then i don't want to be normal.
I want to be the oddball who feels like she has people to be there for her
All the time
i want to be the oddball who can accept when people help me
All the time
I want to be the oddball who can feel good about herself
All the time
I want to be the oddbal who feels like she has a solid family
All the time
But everything i said was for oddballs
is the normal
Everything I said was normal
Is odd
So you see I am the


Shaynah Woody

Oh yes extremely normal!! I feel that way all the time. Check out my poem Words To Live By :) I am such a fan of your poetry btw. You're really a fantastic writer. You should make it a career!


Thanks. For right now it's just a hobby but I plan on putting them all together one day in a book.

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