Hello world, let me tell you my story

Wait no, I take that back—or maybe it can stay.

Hello world, let me tell you my story


A horrendous word on the spectrum of awesomeness

The Rents divorced and remarried normal

The room of my own and car at 16 normal

Looking for a job as soon as I could work normal

And all the boring normal things in between


Second oldest of 5 normal

High school straight to college normal

Church on Sunday and lunch after normal

Normal. Just normal.



Now there’s a word.

Give me emotions and watch the words spill

Death in the family? I’d kill the page before me.

Heart ache from a hard break up

And the blank page wouldn’t stand a chance

No rest at home and I’m suddenly honed in on the skill of writing

Deciding words never was so easy.

Believe me when I say I’m thankful for normality.

But the Poet inside of me is screaming, dreaming for an earthquake

To wake my soul and get me rolling and writing

Thinking and typing and never looking back for misspelled words


Hello world, let me tell you my story.

Normal words. Normal life. Normally mine.

The poet is deprived of food for thought

As I go through the motions like the waves in the oceans

Through hurricanes or sunny days

Regardless, we’re just normal.


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