The tune in my head

Heavier than lead

Weighing down my soul

Spiraling out of my control

No ceasing in sight

No cure for this blight

Just red and black and blue

Only these lies are true

I feel all the pain

Death but to gain

A solace of stars

A warm home of bars

Bed and breakfast divine

Mountain of heart ache to climb

No road

Broken code

Now calm brings chaos

Founding is a loss

No know how

I don’t know now

These clouds have turned black

Cannot return back

The marshmallow goo

Where I once flew

No story

No glory

Purpose removed

The lateness done proved

The red eyes quake with fear

Not much longer they peer

Appears with so much power

Unfortunate meaning is so sour

Not a soul really knows

Until again the page glows

You don’t realize til now

This text is a cow

Becoming a bore

Soon to the floor

The author must vent

Exhaustion now spent

This poem you see

But nonsense it be


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