Non Fiction Nightmare

I had a nightmare a few weeks ago
I was a child
Limited to a cage with other children
Unable to conjure words and sentences like

Hey sir I'm hungry
Hey sir I need to pee
Hey sir where's mommy
Hey sir this diaper you gave me is already soiled
Hey sir where's my mommy
Hey sir can you please help me find my mommy

Finally I'm responded to with a shove into the cages corner
I'm then tossed a blanket which resembled aluminum foil
And I'm told to shut up and go bed

Thankfully I awoken
To find out it was just a dream…. no nightmare

Then I turn on the news

Like fear in the floodlights
I see my nightmare on my tv
I see my tears reflect on my tv
I see my brothers and sisters on my tv
I see our president blame the Democrats for this Zero Tolerance policy
Which calls for parents and their children to be separated
If the parents crossed the border illegally

Mr Pres...
Mr. Tru...

I demand you to stop lying

What did the children do
Why are they imprisoned
Why are you making what was once a dream for better life
Now, false hope and trauma

Dear Donald,

Since you're not fancied with the backlash you've received
Why don't you use the childrens tears
To smudge your Attorney General's signature off the Administration Memo

Sincerely, Anonymous
I'm fearful about revealing my identity to YOU

Dear audience,

This life we live is no deck of cards
No trump will beat you

Sincerely, Gabriel Rene Herrera

This poem is about: 
My country


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