#NoFilter on This Mind


Reality has no filter

This brain has no filter
because I was taught the difference between Gahndi and Hitler
My mind has infinite space like our universe
And a portion of that space was filled with a word that some people find dirty but gave them perspective
So if you ever feel like degrading my unfiltered anatomy I'll shout misogyny
My words will be a drill into your brain
I'll show you the pain of this infinite mind
You'll see the unfiltered thoughts of my sisters
The thoughts people spat on but gave modern day society some damn perspective
The thoughts that dented the Earth
But should have penetrated it
You see there is not a filter that can cover up misogyny
There is not enough make up to hide nature
And I'll spread my message to make sure no female ever feels uncomfortable in her flesh again
To be certain meat is not a label used to describe my anatomy
And you can put a filter on the truth to guarantee we do not see your blemished ideas
But we'll hack into your phone and find the original picture and expose your galleria of infinite ignorance
Because you can't hide the truth from the minds of the frightened youth
This poem is about: 
Our world


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