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Mayfair, Valencia, X-Pro II,

Maybe one of these will make me look brand new.

Brannan, Inkwell, or Lo-Fi,

Hopefully one will take the bags from my eyes.


Slumber, Crema, Rise or Hefe,

Which one of these will make me look pretty?

Willow, Sierra, or even Amaro,

Post a selfie tonight and feel better tomorrow.


Ludwig, Aden, Earlybird too,

I think that all three will probably do.

Perpetua, Nashville, Hudson looks good,

It makes my nose look smaller just like it should.


Maybe one day I'll pick the one that says "Normal",

And for once I won't think that my face looks horrible.

I'll show all my flaws to the social media world,

And they will see that I am just a normal girl.

'Cause it's my flaws that show my true beauty,

And all that matters is what is within me.

I hope the next girl will know filters can't build her,

and she can, too, caption "#NoFilter."
















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