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Like strong coffee,

you'd want to off me

If you really knew the true me.

You say it's a new me.

I think you never knew me.

Tell me

Can you handle me with


I don't think you're built for

what my mind has to offer,

What I have to give.

I don't want to live

in a world with filters.

Because they're just lies.

We're hypnotized



They tell us we have to be

as beautiful as the models in the magazines

when it actually seems

she doesn't look like that her damn self!

#NoFilter, I have no wealth.

So I can afford to have #NoFilter.

What do I have to lose?

I can't afford college,

I got one pair of shoes.

I cry at night because my ex was on the news.

I'm that 99% that you step on

when you try to make it to the top.

Bodies drop

in my neighborhood

while you living good

in Ladera Heights.

I can write and write

with #NoFilter.

Told you I was built for

this game

No I'm not a lame.

I'm JUST a girl

and you think you run the world

but you don't.

I'll flaunt

this words in yo face and they'll haunt


I'll taunt you
with my rhymes.

Time after Time

I stop to take a breath.

No I'm lying,

This is off the dome

So it's #NoFilter.

I'm not filtered

because you need to feel this.

I need you to fear this.

Sit back and hear this.

I will get

success one day

even if I may

not get this scholarship.

I'm jogging with

no one because I RUN this.

You can’t stomach but

Have fun, hit

up the scandalous broads

who will laugh and nod

just to get your money.

It's funny

because I need that

but I'll fall back.

I'll receive that

And flip it.

turn it into knowledge.

Something that will teach

these people

that we are equal.

You don't need to

feel sorry for me.

Just remember what I said.

Take notes

Because Jemila has #NoFilter.

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Our world
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