While my social media may be jaded

With a hint of warmth

Or a dash of saturation...

While my speech at school consisted of

My sitting in silence and swallowing

Every sermon I learned...

While it took me until my last year of high school

In a conservative and religious place

To learn that I do not need to filter myself

Because my ideas are bold and my opinions are great.

Trying to figure out everyone's filters

And apply them to me,

I should be proud of who I am

And speak honestly.


So No Filter:

I talk too loudly, my laugh is obnoxious, I like to have fun with my friends.

I want to create music to repay the melodies 

For saving my life when no one else did.

I want to stand tall and speak of equality,

For women and men, race, and sexual identity.

But if I muttered those words at my school,

I'd be cast out and labelled as a sinful fool.


In about two months, I will be free

I will emerge victoriously.

And the picture I post that day will be beautiful and great:

Hashtag, "no filter", just me.


This poem is about: 
My community


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