Refuses to put make up on her face.

Refuses to wear anything nice

I would rather stay in a sweater and sweat pants all day.

I am insecure

I am stressed

What is the cure for all this mess?

No one sees the good things in me

instead they see the bad.

I am organized, determined, and responsible

I am nice. Though I could mean

Atleast dogs love me.

The Beatles.

Can't buy me love right?



No boyfriend ever

I want something that I can hold forever


kind of quirky

not very social. Arf.

Who am I?

I am the girl who will run a business one day

who won't be insecure and will come out of my shell

even if I have to go through hell

I am 19 and trying to get through the last months of school

Aint that cool?


Here I am.

I'm going.


I'm coming.

The future awaits.

I can't wait. 

Who will I be next?


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