Who am I without the pencil?
Who am I without the pen?
Who am I without the utensils that allow me to send-
Messages to my people living with roaches and rats,
Who don't appreciate the people putting clothes on there backs.
So go ahead and take away my pain,
Take away my sorrow,
Make the rain go away so you can see the sun tomorrow-
Shinning down on me,
As I look up to the sky,
Stretch out my wings and close my eyes and get ready to fly.
I am a leader,
A visionary that was raised blind,
I was staring at the clock and didn't see it was my time.
So who am I without support?
Who am I without critique?
Am I just another Spanish kid raised in the streets?
I am my mothers son,
Raised without a dad,
So take a picture with no filter yeah I'll smile for what I have
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bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELL DONE

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