Nobody Needs to Know

Fri, 06/07/2013 - 17:37 -- Sologne


United States
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I write to express the things I can’t say,
The words that would cause me to break
If I were to speak
This is why I write.
I write knowing that no one will read these words,
Yet with the glimmer of hope that they might.
I write
Hoping that someone will read my words and sense my pain,
See behind the flawless grammar,
Past the perfect syntax,
See the tears on the page,
Know that every line and curve of the letters
Breaks me a little more
And finally, that they will know
Writing was all I could do;
When I couldn’t breathe
I would write.
When tears stained my glasses
And burned in my eyes
I would write.
When my knees were too weak to stand
And the weight of my world was crushing me,
Breaking my bones and desecrating my soul,
I would write.
Maybe no one will ever read my words
Perhaps they won’t understand
And my pain will be in a language incomprehensible to them
Nadie le entiendes mi dolor cuando lo dijo;
Entonces, le escribo.
It doesn’t matter if they do not understand.
I write the words that nobody needs to know
But I need to say.
The words I need to expunge from me,
That I write to ease the burning in my heart,
To lessen the pain from blows that life has dealt me
Because sometimes when life just hurts too much,
When I can no longer bear this struggle,
When I am at the precipice of insanity,
When my heart can take no more,
I write.


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