Nobody Knows

Nobody knows my story better than my self.
Nobody knows my life better than I do.
Nobody knows my scars better than I do because they are
invisible through a human s eye
Nobody knows what I went through.
How my child hood was like
How many times I cry.
How many times I was hurt
How many bruises I have in my body.
How many ppl rejected me in life.
How many times I was disappointed.
How many suicidal thoughts I have in my mind and how
many times I've tried to commit suicide.
How many times I was a punched because I am a living
punching bag but though I never speak up.
What you see is not who I am.
What I say is not how you should think of me.
I am a broken soul.
I was hurt.
I've lost hope in life.
Pain is running in my veins I feel no pain anymore.
My precious heart is bleeding.
I feel different
I feel lost.
I feel like I can sleep and never wake up coz this pain is too
I don't see the purpose of my existence.
My presence mean nothing to the world it's like am invisible.
Nobody feels my pain.
No matter how much I to act like a happy person when am
with people but when am alone I just shed tears.
Am tired of putting a fake smile on my face while my life is
falling apart.
I feel like I am a human with no heart because It doesn't
pump anymore I can't feel my heart beat all I feel is pain.
Nobody knows my story.

Dineo born free poet SA copyright®2015

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